Electrolyte Analyzer K-Lite8

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K-Lite8 Series Electrolyte Analyzer for medical system

  • Parameters: Na+, K+, Ca+2,Cl-, Li+, pH, Wide variety of combinations of parameters
  • Sample type: Plasma, Serum, Whole Blood, and Pre-diluted Urine
  • Short turn-around.
  • Minimum sample Quantity for evaluation
  • The large color LCD screen with an interactive menu
  • Closed reagent system controlled barcode
  • Optional AutoSampler for sample cups and sample pipes
  • Universal solution pack
  • Wide storage of patient information
  • Excellent information management for Cal Data, QC Data, and QC Graph
  • LAN interface with HL7 protocol and LIS transmission in dual direction.
  • CE Certified

Real time display of testing status and reviewing test results,Random parameters combination of K, Na, Cl, Ca, pH, Li, TCO2.Standard LAN interface with HL7 protocol and dual-direction LIS transmission,Powerful QC program and QC management.
7 inch colorful touch screen and interactive menu
Optional auto sampler applicable for cups and sample tubes
Liquid level detect and probe collision protection
Barcode managed closed reagent system
Sample volume: 65ul—150ul
Technical Parameters
Sample Type: Plasma, Serum, Whole Blood, Urine
Parameter Configuration
K-Lite8A:  K+, Na+, Cl-, TCO2;
K-Lite8B:  K+, Na+, Cl-, Ca++, TCO2, pH;
K-Lite8D:  K+, Na+, Cl-, Ca++,  Li+, TCO2, pH;
K-Lite8E:  K+, Na+, Cl-,
K-Lite8G:  K+, Na+, Cl-, Ca++, pH;
K-Lite8F:  K+, Na+, Li+;
K-Lite8H:  K+, Na+, Cl-, Ca++,  Li+, pH;
Auto Sampler is optional
Test Range and Accuracy

Item Range (mmol/L) SD(mmol/L) CV%
K 0.5-15.5 ±0.2 ≤1.0
Na 20.0-200.0 ±2..0 ≤1.0
Cl 20.0-200.0 ±2.5 ≤1.0
Li 0.1~3.0 ±0.1 ≤1.5
Ca 0.1-5.0 ±0.1 ≤1.5
pH 4.0-9.0 ±0.1 ≤1.0
TCO2 6.0-50.0 ±2.0 ≤3.0

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Electrolyte Analyzer K-Lite8

৳ 169,000.00

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