Forehead Thermometer Bioland E122

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Bioland E122 Infrared Forehead Thermometer  for Kids and Adults

  • 1. Infrared thermometer: No Touch, easy and safe to Measuring temperature for kids , baby and adults
  • 2. Made with High quality Infrared sensor, ±0.3℃ More accurate and More fast 1second testing the temperature
  • 3. In Forehead thermometer mode, There have 32 body temperature storage information, You can know the change of temperature each day.
  • High Precision Sensor, Precise non-contact Measurement
  • Colors LED Backlight


    • Precise non-contact calculation, high precision sensor
    • LED background colors
    • For boby temperature calculation
    • Display, Check Button, Memory Button, Battery Compartment
    • Setting Button.
    • To activate the machine click the check button
    • Maintain 1-5 cm. Patient and Push button gap Gap
    • The Resutd will be seen in one second
    • Maintain 1-5 cm of distance from patient forehead

Bioland E122 Infrared Thermometer White
* High Precision Sensor, Precise non-contact Measurement
* Colors LED Backlight
* For Measuring the boby temperature
* Display, Test Button, Memory Button, Setting Button, * Battery Compartment
* Manual, AAA Battery x2
* Press Test Button to turn on the Machine
* Keep 1-5 cm. Distance with the Forehead of Patient and Press Test Button
* In One Seconds, The Resutd will Displayed
* Keep 1-5 cm.Distance with The Forehead of Patient
* 1 Years Warranty
* Made in China
* CHN 6302334
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Forehead Thermometer Bioland E122

৳ 2,999.00

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