X-Ray Film Viewer Trippel View Box

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X Ray View Box Triple Screen X-Ray Film Viewer, For Hospital

  • Best energy efficient LED X-ray view box
  • LED backlit allows uniformity and clear visibility
  • Adjustable, diffused cool light source improves the visual acuity of the radiograph
  • Designed with worlds best LED's from Nichia, Japan for maintenance of brightness over longer lifetime and for energy efficiency
  • Enhanced contrast due to consistent spatial distribution enables to assess full range of densities to get better details of bones and soft tissues.

Bio-X specializes in the research and manufacture of L.E.D. based X-ray film viewers (X-ray illuminator / X-ray viewbox). Keeping the needs of the doctors in mind along with the continuously changing demands of hospitals and Nursing homes, we have developed a sleek and effective L.E.D. Viewing system to view M.R.I, C.T. and X-Ray images. Bio-X offera a range of Single Screen, Double Screen ( Dual Screen ), Three Screen ( Triple Screen), Four Screen (Quadruple Screen) View boxes. Our range of ultra slim LED illuminators are being exported to Australia, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa, Turkey,Italy and Spain.

All our viewers are CE marked, i.e. they follow the European complaiance in terms of electrical safety. We offer a combination of benefits that is unmatched by our competition i.e. reliability, ease in operation, distinctive product line designed to match your requirements, technical support for layouts, excellent service and stunning looks. Keeping the needs of the oncologist and radiologists in mind, Bio-X have developed a sleek and effective L.E.D. Veiwing system to view Mammography film images which comes with an option of a sliding magnifying glass.

  • Energy Efficiency : LEDs are highly efficient. Energy savings range from 82% to 93%
  • Long Life : LEDs are projected to produce a long service life of about 100,000 hours. For this reason LEDs are ideal for hard-to-reach / maintain fixtures such as exit sign lighting and, combined with its durability, pathway lighting. Life of the LED is about 4-5 times that of CFL/CCFL.
  • No UV Emissions / Little Infrared : LEDs produce no UV radiation and little heat, making them ideal for X-ray film view boxes that definetly harmless for eyes.
  • Digital dimmer technolgy : with 12 steps digital dimmer to get the perfect brightness. Built-in ROM can save the switch on brightness for friendly use.
  • Other Benefits
    • Lights Instantly
    • Unparallel latest LED technology
    • Easily dimmed
    • Silent operation
    • Slim, Durable and Effective
    • Low-voltage power supply (increased safety)
  • Reliable magnetic nipper
  • Over 95% uniformity in light across the screen
  • Film activated switch / film sensor – automatic shutdown if no film inside for 2 sec
  • Use 9300k white and light-blue color temperature is ideally suitable for viewing X Ray, CT and MRI films.

Supported by a deft group of master specialists, we have the opportunity to sell an impressive LED X-Ray Three Film Viewer arrangement to customers. The scope offered is obtained from fair sellers in the business sector who use current equipment and real equipment to build up the scope according to the principles of worldwide efficiency. Broadly used as part of distinctive healing facilities and analytical focuses of radiology, the scope is important to seeing X-Ray film by glare decrease and uniform brightening.

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X-Ray Film Viewer Trippel View Box

৳ 38,500.00

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