Beurer AS 80 Activity Tracker

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Beurer AS80 Bluetooth Activity Sensor

  • Records activity and sleep and transmits the data to your smartphone
  • Activity tracking: number of steps, distance covered, calorie consumption, fat burn, activity duration and achievement of daily activity goal
  • Sleep tracking: records sleep motion activity and sleep duration
  • Bluetooth® for transfer of data to your smartphone
  • Time and battery status indicator
  • Memory capacity for 30 days/7 nights
  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • Alarm function: vibration alarm
  • OLED XL display
  • Splash-proof
  • Model AS-80
  • Brand Beurer
  • Origin German
  • Warranty 2 Years
  • Complete range of uses only available with the free “beurer HealthManager” or “beurer BodyShape” app
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Activity sensors by Beurer

Convenient tracking around the clock

Activity trackers record your movement throughout the day and also at night. The tracker records the number of steps taken during the day, the distance covered, activity duration, whether you reached your daily target and your calorie consumption and fat burn. The total sleep duration is recorded at night and the quality of sleep is analysed. Find that motivation and get a little bit closer to your goals!

About this item

  • Continuously tracks physical activity and quality of sleep with monitoring via free HealthManager app
  • Data transfer via Bluetooth Smart technology
  • Activity tracking: number of steps, distance, calorie consumption, activity duration and achievement of daily activity goals.
  • Sleep tracking: tracks sleep movements and sleep duration
  • OLED Time display and alarm function – wakes only you with a vibration alarm

How Can the Bluetooth Sensor Help Me?

  • Reminds you to be active and form the right habits
  • Eliminates guess work from workouts
  • Allows you to keep track of any progress you make, motivating you
  • Helps to set achievable goals
  • Takes into account exercise you do that’s not in the gym, e.g. cleaning your house

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Beurer AS 80 Activity Tracker

৳ 8,700.00৳ 10,600.00 (-18%)

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