Dental UV Sterilizer

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Dental Hospital Sterilizer Ultraviolet Chamber UV

* Digital readout.

* Time control.

* Ozone steriliazation.

* Ultraviolet disinfection.

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1. Easy to operate, easy to install, no need of training, namely, out of the box.
2. The efficiency of sterilization is high, and the turnover rate of medical articles is increasing exponentially, which makes it convenient for patients to increase the economic benefits of hospitals.
3. Good quality and durable, each component exceeds the actual strength of the plastic aluminum plate and is not easily damaged during use and transportation.
4. Can withstand the long-term irradiation of the ultraviolet ray of its own configuration, and has no special requirements on the temperature and humidity of the operation room.
5. Made of recyclable materials, pollution-free and environment-friendly.


* It is not suitable for liquid sterilization.

* The product has the door control, for the sake of safety, please cut off the power before open the door.

* When to clean the cabinet, please use the wet towel, don’t wash it.

*  If there is any breakdown during the course of using, please feel free to contact the maintenance personnnel. Don’t try to dismantle by unauthorized people.

Power: 15W
Voltage: 220V/110V
Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Capacity: 27L
Disinfection time: 15min.
Dimensions: 300*230*470mm.
Inner dimension: 245*150*400mm.
Packing volume: 360*280*530mm.

Package:1pc Dental Medical UV Sterilizer
10pcs Sterilization Trays(as gift)

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Dental UV Sterilizer

৳ 13,600.00

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