Folding Stretcher-FT 110020

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Folding Stretcher-FT 110020

Folding stretcher is primarily used as an emergency first aid tool for patient transfer, can be folded,

easy to store and transport

  • LINE2design folding stretcher strengthened by two steel bars.
  • High-quality PVC sheet is characterized by its fireproof and waterproof.
  • Easy folding stretcher for quick storage.
  • Product Size: (L*W*H): 84.25"x 21.25"x 5.4"
  • Weight Capacity:159 Kg​ (350 Lbs)
  • Folded Size with Bag: 43"x 8.5"x 4"
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The LINE2design folding stretcher strengthened by two steel bars that allow its use even for heavy transports. It is foldaway in an easy location. Orange, high-quality PVC sheet is characterized by its fireproof, and waterproof, anti-tear and easy to clean. Emergency Medical Stretcher for transporting wounded and sick patients in hospitals, sports venues, ambulances, and troops.

  • Folding stretcher with outrigger is made of aluminum alloy steel of high strength and durable leather materials.
  • This stretcher can be divided in width and length, easy to hold and store
  • Fireproof fabric, waterproof, anti-cracking and easy to clean
  • Safety belts, stirrup feet, and hinged springs.

Easy Supportive Feet

The LINE2design Folding Stretcher has support feet, four folded bags, lightweight, small size, easy to carry, safe to use especially suitable for ambulance department and ambulance. This EMS, evacuation medical foldaway stretcher is ideal any disaster plan. The high-quality orange PVC vinyl material is characterized for its anti-tear, easy to clean and its ability to shed water.

Handles with Grips

The foldable stretcher can be folded in width and it has a flexible handle and Grips. The foldable stretcher is safe to use with carrying handle and is mainly used for carrying patients and wounded people in emergency centers, hospitals and on the battlefield. It is easy to store and its ability to fold up is ideal for tight spaces.

Cross Bar for Folding

The folding stretcher strengthened by two steel bars that allow its use even for heavy transports. It can be folded away for easy storage and very easy and quick to open back up. Easy to fold and open.Folding dimension 43″ x 8.5″ x 4″ .Very small easy to storage and space saving.

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Folding Stretcher-FT 110020

৳ 11,500.00৳ 11,999.00 (-4%)

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