MediTouch Plaster Cutter with 2 Blade

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MediTouch 125-Watt Plaster Cutter with 2 Blade, Black

  • Ergonomic, modern and lightweight shape
  • Easy-to-change anti-noise blades and locking nut
  • Solid design for heavy usage
  • 300 Watt motor
  • 220 Volts/50Hz
  • Strong tensile strength blades
  • Free maintenance
  • Nice nature.


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MediTouch ORTHOPEADIC Electric Plaster Cutter

✓ Safe and Secure

✓ Maintenance free

✓ Easy to use

Non-rotating blade is arranged to Oscillate through a Small Arc with a balanced high Speed Vibration that leaves the Instruments poised and steady in an operator’s hand.


★ 220 Volts/5 Amps

★ A.C. Power Supply

★ Unique features

★ Depth Control Gauge

★ Suitable for all types of plaster bandage and high polymer bandages.

★ CPM 15,000 approx

★ Completely enclosed

★ Replacement Warranty within 3 Months + Maintenance Warranty 1 Year (Motor & Blade replacement Excluded)

Application and Attention:
1. Before use, check whether the formation of saw blade, mounting, installing the saw blade when the blade shaft to be fixed, embedded with the pull head axis position of the flat side, with the other nuts in front of the saw blade wrench removed, exit concave sleeve and saw blade, saw blade and then put the other tightly, check the motor ventilation road, should be kept clear to prevent foreign objects clogging, resulting in poor ventilation, resulting in excessive temperature rise of the motor work.
2. When used, not used much pressure, when the blade got stuck in the plaster bandage.
3. The temperature of the motor housing using the increase over time, such as hot case temperature should be found to be suspended, wait to cool before using.
4. When have abnormal sound, vibration is too large, please contact customer care
5. Should be wipe clean the plaster saw after operation, kept in dry places to prevent water and damage and stumble

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MediTouch Plaster Cutter with 2 Blade

৳ 18,800.00৳ 20,500.00 (-8%)

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