N-XR-1 Tie Type Front Shield Apron

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Front Shield Lead Apron N-XR-1 Cworld (S. Korea)

  • Regular Lead 0.5mm pb, is 100% lead and the most economical. Best for short procedures as this is the heaviest in weight.
  • 1" Tie Straps. Economy Front Protection aprons are available in various colors and provide front radiation protection.
  • Usually ships within 10 - 12 Business Days. Please choose size and color options carefully. This item is custom made at time of order and is non-returnable.
  • All genuine Shielding International Apparel and Apparel Accessory products are guaranteed from the initial date of purchase for defects in material and workmanship - Regular Lead and Lightweight Lead products for two (2) years and Lead Free products for (1) year. Proudly made in the USA and sold by a Veteran Owned Small Business.
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Economy Front Protection Coat Aprons feature an open back with durable 1″ tie straps. Available in a selection of solid color nylon, vinyl and a wide selection of diamond ripstop fabrics and lengths. Optional protection or customization not available.

Protection: 0.5mm Pb Equivalency.

Our protective garments and shields are available in three core materials for you to choose the option that best suits your needs. Whether you’re looking to maximize your budget or reduce strain on your shoulders and back, we have got you covered from the most economical to the most comfortable and environmentally friendly.

Front Protective Apron sizing is unisex and based on the actual sizes of the protective material. When measuring for a Front Protection Apron, measure from one side of the widest part of your body, around to the other side – the actual distance you want protected. Length should be measured from the sternal notch down. Front Protection Aprons should guard to just above or below the knee depending on your preference.

Small – 20″W x 34″L; Fits Chest 34″-38″. Apron Weights – Regular Lead: 9 lbs, Lightweight Lead: 7 lbs, Lead Free: 6 lbs.
Medium – 22″W x 36″L; Fits Chest 38″-42″. Apron Weights – Regular Lead: 11 lbs, Lightweight Lead: 9 lbs, Lead Free: 8 lbs.
Large – 24″W x 38″L; Fits Chest 42″-46″. Apron Weights – Regular Lead: 12 lbs, Lightweight Lead: 10 lbs, Lead Free: 9 lbs.
X-Large – 27″W x 38″L; Fits Chest 47″-52″. Apron Weights – Regular Lead: 13 lbs, Lightweight Lead: 11 lbs, Lead Free: 10 lbs.

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N-XR-1 Tie Type Front Shield Apron

৳ 38,500.00৳ 45,000.00 (-14%)

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