Sturdy Autoclave SA 300H 40L

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Sturdy Autoclave SA 300H 40L

  • Graduated sterilization timer
  • Mechanical pressure control system
  • Pressure overload protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Pressure auto door lock (only for SA-252F;optional for SA-300H)
  • Emergency button
  • Chamber size: 40 L
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These autoclaves are designed with conventional, established mechanical engineering for clinics and institutions which look to time-tested quality and reliability durability, long life and a practical and economical solution.

The 3 Falcon products include

※ 24L SA-252F (Tabletop)

※ 40L SA-300H (Tabletop)

※ 50L SA-300VF (Vertical)

The sterilization time, dry time and temperature all have graduated control knobs, allowing you total flexibility in meeting all of your sterilization requirements.

The indicator lights allow the operator, at anytime, to conveniently glance at the current status of the sterilization.


The autoclaves are designed with conventional mechanical engineering for customers who are accustomed to and enjoy simple, time-tested reliability and durability nuts-n-bolts autoclaves that are both cost-effective and practical.
Control panels are designed with simple controls that make these autoclaves suitable for non-medical applications like tattoo parlors and beauty salons as well.

Product name Autoclave
Brand Sturdy
Overall Dimensions 600(W)*470(H(*740(D)
Chamber Size 300*570
Gross  Weight 74 kg
Capacity 40 L
Temperature / Pressure  122°C ; 1.4kg per cm2
Control System Pressure control
Power Consumption 2735W(Max)/12A

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Sturdy Autoclave SA 300H 40L

৳ 430,000.00৳ 450,000.00 (-4%)

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