Taylor Reflex Neurisergical Hammer Hilbro

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Taylor Hammer Hilbro

  • Prestige Medical 7.5" Economy Taylor Percussion Hammer
  • Our economy version of the Taylor Percussion Hammer is intended to elicit patellar reflexes as well as myotatic reflexes.
  • The tapered handle tip is designed to elicit plantar reflexes. Features a PVC bumper and a 7.5" chrome plated handle. Available in burnt orange color only.
  • Country of origin is China
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For the exact testing of reflexes, reliability and stability distinguish all these classical percussion hammers. Made in Pakisthan, from the simplest model to the top-quality buck hammer. In a poly-bag, all hammers are supplied.

The taylor percussion hammer in traditional style with 19cm long chrome plated handle with triangular rubber head.

The Taylor or tomahawk reflex hammer was designed by John Madison Taylor in 1888 and is the most well known reflex hammer in the USA. It consists of a triangular rubber component which is attached to a flat metallic handle


  • 19 cm long
  • Chrome handle
  • Triangular rubber head in orange
  • Light and versatile

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Taylor Reflex Neurisergical Hammer Hilbro

৳ 1,089.00৳ 1,200.00 (-9%)

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